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Sound quality is always a struggle in small rooms as our ears are constantly fighting the natural acoustics of the listening environment.

The direct sound from the loudspeakers is mixed with the sound reflected off the surfaces of the room, resulting in an unbalanced and fatiguing listening.

Acoustic treatment is therefore necessary to get the best quality out of your sound system and achieve top-class listening fidelity

Your Acoustic Treatment in 4 Simple Steps

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We Care About Good Sounding Rooms

Whether it is your home or professional studio, hi-fi listening room or home theatre, the acoustics of your room should not compromise the quality of your professional audio gear.

That’s why Audieum breaks the barriers of acoustic measurements, providing you with a high-detail analysis and professional advice on the acoustic treatment for your room.

"Now the sound quality in my studio is exactly what I was looking for with minimum efforts!"
Marco Fanton
Professional Guitar Player, Italy
"I was impressed by the measurements after the acoustic treatment, well above my expectations!"
Salvo Puma
Pausa Studio, Italy

What You Will Get...

...And What You Will Avoid


No specialist equipment and additional software other than your DAW or your favourite Audio Recorder are required to carry out measurements with Audieum. You will only need a PC, an audio interface and a condenser microphone.

Any omnidirectional condenser microphone will provide a good grade of precision for acoustic measurements.

It will take up to 5 working days for Audieum to process and interpret the results. Our acoustician will provide you with a tailored advice based on the outcome of measurements.

We do not supply a selection of products for acoustic treatment, however we are able to assist in choosing the best solution based on your budget. Please get in touch at for more information.

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