Your Acoustic Treatment in 4 Simple Steps

Achieve the sound quality you have always wanted thanks to Audieum’s innovative design procedure.

Step 1 - Measure

Acoustic measurements have never been easier. Play the test signal in your room and record its acoustic response. You will only need a PC, an audio interface and a measurement microphone.

Step 2 - Upload

The recorded test signal is uploaded and processed by the Audieum engine. The algorithm evaluates the typical acoustic parameters for listening rooms and compares them to the optimal value ranges from international standards.

Step 3 - Get Results

The results are presented to you in simplified charts and summarised in a report, providing a thorough assessment of your room and identifying the critical aspects that might affect your listening quality.

Step 4 - Treat Your Room

Audieum can help you design the best acoustic treatment with tailored solutions for your space to achieve top-class listening quality.

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