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I used to experience boxy sound and excessive absorption in the room, getting a very distorted response, especially at low frequencies. What I listened to through my monitors was not the same when played through mainstream systems.
In Audieum I found great availability and responsiveness in analysing the issues of my studio while I could keep on working on my music. I have been able to undertake specific interventions in order to improve the response of my room.
I could notice a great difference when looking at the response curves before and after the acoustic corrections, as well as now the sound quality in my studio is exactly what I was looking for with minimum efforts!

Marco Fanton
Professional Guitar Player, Italy – www.marcofanton.it

I have entrusted Audieum for the design of my new studio since the beginning. 
In my old studio, resonances and echoes didn’t allow me to work properly on my mixes and productions.
Audieum offered me professionalism, quick response, availability, attention to detail and cordiality. I was impressed by the measurements after the acoustic treatment, well above my expectations!

Salvo Puma
Pausa Studio, Italy – www.facebook.com/pausastudiomodica

I had a very unbalanced room without modal treatment. I felt my mixes were always suffering in the low end, causing me to spend more time on them.
Audieum allowed me to make corrections without buying specific software, as well as I could get advice from an expert in acoustics. 
I am now able to listen to reference tunes in a clearer way, without that “boomy” sensation. I will definitely use Audieum again to complete the acoustic treatment of my home studio.

Max Mesa Garzon
VoTrading Studio, Colombia – www.votrading.com.co

My room was lacking of linearity at all frequencies, with very poor energy at the low end, long reverberation and distorted stereo image. My mixes were fatiguing to listen to.
I got a premium and fast service from Audieum. I felt like every instrument was at the right place, without artefacts, with an impressive clarity and sense of space.
I am now confident of having achieved high fidelity in the reproduction of my mixes, not being afraid of them sounding differently in other sound systems.

Giacomo Molino
Check Line Studio, Italy – www.facebook.com/checklinestudio

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